About Us

In a time when many believe that OPM is dead or is dying, Gigs Manila firmly believes that people are only not well-informed. Not much is reported about the musicians who continue to make music and about the music venues and listeners who continue to support these artists. Believing that there is much room for improvement in online music journalism, Gigs Manila was created to serve as a dynamic catalyst to better inform the world about music in the Philippines, and to connect local music stakeholders – from musicians to gig venues to fans and listeners.

Established in May 2014, Gigs Manila aims to take online music journalism to the next level.

Gigs Manila is composed of music lovers who come from various fields – from marketing to web development to music writers. Some of the core team involved in the formation of Gigs Manila are Jenner Alagao, music critic Justin Gabriel of JustinBreathes.com, and hiphop blogging pioneer Gab Diaz aka YoungMaze of FlipClan.com, promoter of #OPMFriday Ron Mia, music charts archivist Nixon Abonita, and rock writer Bjorn Ramos.

In combining their pool of experience and expertise in different fields, the team behind Gigs Manila is intent on bringing Filipino music and its supporters to the forefront.

Gigs Manila has always gone beyond mere news publishing. We are on a mission to find the most exciting artists, new music experiences, emerging trends and sensations. We write about music as a human experience, as an integral part of life. From reviews to playlists to features, and on to music industry analysis, we cover the many areas of our readers? lives that intersect with their love for music.