Author: JR Bustamante

Music is my album of memories, my mood enhancer, my travelling buddy, and my muse. I write to express my thoughts, observations, and learnings in hope that someone out there may gain from it. Music and writing are inseparable for me . . . along with cup of coffee or tea, hot or cold. Being a blogger and freelance writer who documents life and all its idiosyncrasies is the summation of my life experience as a feature article writer, PR writer, and copywriter. Top it with my fondness for photography, nature, and exchanging ideas with fellow bloggers, media writers, and artists then that pretty much tells you what I am all about.

There could be no better legacy for a band than to have their songs remain to be enjoyed and sang by many, decades after its release. 80’s band, Micheal Learns to Rock, reached the 90s and 2000s music-loving crowd with their continuous flow of new ballads increasing their popularity in leaps and bounds. Most of their earlier songs like “The Actor”, “Sleeping Child” and “25 minutes” arguably became classics. Michael Learns To Rock, a European soft rock/pop band, was formed in the spring of 1988 by singer and keyboard player Jascha Richter with drummer Kare Wanscher, guitarist and producer Mikkel Lentz, and…

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