KUYA Music Festival 2018 “Kabataang Umiindak! YES Aprub!”

During the birthday celebration of Cong. Jose Antonio “Kuya” Sy-Alvarado of the 1st district of Bulacan, a music festival was held at the Bulacan Sports Complex last Saturday January 7, 2018.

The music festival dubbed as “KUYA Music Festival 2018 “Kabataang Umiindak! YES Aprub!” aimed at encouraging youth to appreciate music which is also part of the community’s anti-drug campaign. Thus not only youth attended the gathering but also adults who support the campaign.

The music festival also featured numerous talented artists based in Bulacan, and other big names in the OPM industry. Also present in the event are equally talented DJ’s to pump up the event. The audiences enjoyed the performances from Chiquillera, Sagip Adik Foundation, White Sunday, and Lunar lights as front acts of the Music Festival.

Aside from the said acts, the music festival was highlighted by the performances from popular OPM artists such as Gracenote, Imago, Sandwich, 6cyclemind, Quest, and Autotelic which made the night even more unforgettable for Bulacenos.

Meanwhile, 6cyclemind treat the crown with another set as they went out again per request of the crowd. During that moment a fireworks display was held which made the crowd even more amazed.

To end the Kuya Music Festival 2018, DJ Cathy Frey and DJ Tom Tuazon went out to play music for the final touches of the music festival making the crowd dance along with it like they weren’t tired at all.

Who doesn’t like this kind of music festival right? Who doesn’t like a well organized and well-secured show with plenty of free tickets right?

Maybe if more politicians were able to make this kind of music festival it will be possible that this generation will appreciate OPM more and will be driven away from illegal drugs. As millennials always say these days “sana all”.

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