Club Dredd Indie Day

The legendary Club Dredd lives once more in a grand re-opening bash reminiscent of the golden nights at its old EDSA haunt. It’s a special event to mark this year’s Independence Day as a cabal of old school indie heroes such as the return of Tropical Depression following Papadom’s passing and Reklamo celebrate freedom with even newer school underground rockers such as Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Wilderness, Flying Ipis and Tarsius, among others.

What’s cool is for that nice, long event and that number of artists, you will only need to pay P200 for the entrance which comes with a free drink. Gweilos is at the 2nd level of Eastwood City.

Event Tags

Cheats Eastwood City Even Firefalldown Flying Ipis Gweilos Kenyo Lions and Acrobats Lougee Masha Moonwlk Mr. Bones and The Boneyeard Circus Parada Philia Quezon City Reklamo Runway Crimes Tarsius Tricia Rivka Garcia Tropical Depression Wilderness