Evo 15: Unveil

From the people that plunged you to the extra wet, body-drenched, Sol Exeo. The biggest organization that defied the limits of obscurity and gave you a whopping 4000 party-goers during Collision. Let curiosity take its place in you as De La Salle University’s Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association brings you yet another enigma. Evo ’15: Unveil. Get puzzled by your own senses as we play with your minds all night long at the PICC Forum 3 on March 7 from 8pm until you can’t party any longer.

Experience the sickest beats in a phenomenal night with DJ Edleen Lim, DJ Arthur Tan, DJ Sid Aquilino, DJ Katsy Lee, and DJ Marc Marasigan.

Go wild, be fly, and feel the thrill with EVO’15: UNVEIL.