Over 240 bands from all over Metro Manila and Central Luzon will be gathering and performing at the INDEPENDENTS DAY (The First ever #NDMusic Festival 2014 celebrating Indie Music at its finest) on June 12, 2014 from 5am until 11pm simultaneously at the Quezon Memorial Circle and at the Bayung Mardika Open Field, Mabalacat Pampanga.

What makes this all-day party event different from all other festivals, is that it’s primarily composed of Independent Musicians performing new OPM originals—and that it would be entirely free of charge. Famous & noteworthy Independent musicians of all genres (i.e. Hiphop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Dance etc.) will be performing and sharing the stage in the name of freedom, unity, diversity and camaraderie to uplift the struggling OPM scene.

Award-winning musician and director, Njel de Mesa spearheads this historic musical event for the masses and unites the local hiphop community with the Rock underground scene in association with NDMstudios, IndiePinoy, OPM2GO, Homeworkz, Mecca Music, TURF, Say More Radio of Australia.

This year’s #NDMusic Festival here in Manila features special performances from Champ, Njel de Mesa, Loonie, Johnny Alegre, Mica Javier, Death Threat, Pikaso, Kley, Ysagani Ybarra, Kuya Kurt, KKK, Mutya, Art Oliquino, Noel Mendez, Pinoy Republic, Mushroom, Lagkitan Trio, Max Gilbert, Alasmedya, The Project, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, Kat Lopez, Sali, Veronica & I, Joe Vince, Anahata, Noah Zuniga, Pure Sound, Himlay Payapa, Radyo, Viplava, Lem David, Unico, Milky Summer, Date with Fate, The Puzzles, 8 Moons of Jupiter, AKA, Muffin, Las Pinas Finest, 1017 Hood, Blind Rhyme, Layzie Fu, Rap District, Jazze, Destro Rhymes, Renegade Souljahs, Covenant, Bon Jovie, Kenjohns, Jong Sumangil, Smash, Ice-J, Fab4z, Alfred Hempisalla, Moose Musika, Roger Pepito, Pong dela Cruz, Maggie Trinidad, Ato Arman Sandata, Alan Huelar, Masha, Womens Business Hiphop and many more–plus, surprise celebrity guest appearances.

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