Kampung LAB MNL

The festival closes with a special interactive audiovisual installation by media artists Gene Kogan [US] and Ricky Janitra [ID] in collaboration with local VJ visual label MVLTIVERSE and video artist Edsel Abesames. The installation primarily makes use of lights and projections, and involves contemporary technology such as Kinect, 3D mapping, Arduino and electronics, and creative code. The work is the result of the 5-day open studio involving artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, and Japan. The work will be mounted inside a warehouse parking lot, where the final concert will also happen simultaneously. Performers include artists from the roster of Manila-based indie label Number Line Records, such as Similar Objects, Slow Hello, and Big Hat Gang, as well as WSK regulars Joee & I, Gentle Universe, and Bent Lynchpin. The diverse range of their productions and the styles they touch on make this year’s performers among the most original ear-gripping voices in the current electronic music scene. To end the night, an open jam will ensue, where audience, artists, and organizers can share the stage, officially capping off both the evening and the festival still true to the spirit of community and collaboration.