Rock Chick Series II

Obra Rock Art Philippines presents: Rock Chick Series II

Featuring: Mutya, KKK, Sisa, From Dust We Came, Revelation, Chapter, Play School, Danny Caing, Orca, Path of Salvation, Scarlett Lives, Cunnilingus, 3LP, I AM Madnes, Saving The Dying Hope, Vital Surge, Iscariot, Until Fade, Young Anxiety, Fatal Night, Like The Nurse, Juan @ 22, Statuscope, Michelle Anne’s Project, Broken Time, Iycanthra, Diyeckows

Event Tags

3LP Broken Time Chapter Cunnilingus Danny Caing Diyeckows Fatal Night From Dust We Came I AM Madnes Iscariot Iycanthra Juan @ 22 KKK Like The Nurse Lives Michelle Anne's Project Mutya Orca Path of Salvation Play School Revelation Saving The Dying Hope Scarlett Sisa Statuscope Until Fade Vital Surge Young Anxiety