10 Little Things Every One Direction Fan Should Know

Once British boy band One Direction steps into Philippine soil for their much-anticipated concert on March 21, there will surely be a lot of shrieking. Not just on the concert grounds, rounds shrieking is also bound to ensue from fans that will troop outside of their hotel.

Directioners are some of the most dedicated fans ever. One Direction’s perfect bedhead hair, candid demeanor and goofiness are what endeared them to their fans all over the globe, the Philippines included.

But for those who are just getting wind of the fab five, here are ten things that you might want to know that will take you up to speed with the One Direction craze.

  1. “This Is Us”

When the band was filming their documentary, everyone was a nervous wreck. According to them, the process was like putting out a single; a part of them hoped that people will like what they’ve made. While this feeling made them vulnerable, getting this kind of project out with such sincerity was wildly exciting for them.

Once the cameras started rolling, the group agreed to not edit themselves and provide the film crew with as much access as they can give. This turned out to give the boy band a different dimension as to who they are on and off the stage.

  1. Pranksters

It’s a common knowledge to every hardcore Directioner that the boys love pranks. But the funny part is they don’t do it to one another. Everyone in their crew has been victimized by the boys’ mischief just for the laughs.

  1. Dating credos

Even with their superstar status, the boys of One Direction still hold onto very simple principles in dating girls. Niall likes a girl who laughs ridiculously, while Harry likes girls who are on time and doesn’t spit on the street. Girls, take note.

  1. Normal is the watchword.

The boys still try to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives when they are not touring the globe or recording in the studio. Niall shared that he still goes to see soccer matches because that was his favorite thing before he became part of the global pop group. The boy still like to watch concerts of other artists just enjoying themselves as music fans.

  1. Best advice comes from mom.

Liam has always lived by what his mom told him. He said that his mom has never pressured him. He just does the best that he can in everything that he does.

  1. Family life is still key.

Harry shared that he is still the normal kid whenever he is with his folks. He mentioned their importance in his life believing quality time with his family has helped him cope with their fame.

  1. Surprise, surprise!

You might think that the boys of One Direction have seen it all when it comes to their fans’ love for them. Niall shared a story of how one fan wanted to get a picture of him. To make sure she gets his attention, the fan jumped onto his back and asked to take a picture of him with her on Niall’s back.

  1. Shocking scenes.

They were actually surprised when the documentary showed interviews with their families. The five boys realized that they haven’t really had the time to be with their families as much as they want to and that their families support them all the way.

  1. Getting the third album done.

The boys shared that even though there was a rush in putting everything together on time, writing the songs for their album was the easiest part of the process.

  1. Zayn’s best man

Zayn joked that the way to choose his best man for his wedding is through a death match. Or rock, paper, scissors. Told you they’re a goofy bunch.

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