10 Things You Didn’t Know About Philia

Philia, a 5-piece metal-core band is composed of Mona also famously known as Arci Muñoz as the lead vocalist, Kristian “X” Uy, the lead guitarist, JL Siscar, on bass, Paulo Pampuan hitting both the guitar and samplers, and Ash Heywood the drummer. Rocking the country for several years now but unlike many popular rock bands, Philia still plays their original lineup.

You might think you already know them? Well here are ten astounding revelations you might not know yet.

  1. Mona is an anime geek. She loves Sailormoon, Adventure Time and Nightmare Before Christmas.
  2. Mona likes to paint.
  3. X, the lead guitarist collects comic books and buys them at local comic conventions.(Stalker alert!)
  4. Paulo used to play for the group Saydie.
  5. Actor Dion Ignacio aka DJ is a former member.
  6. Timezone was the group’s meeting place.
  7. Ash is from Gibraltar and played for a thrash death metal band.
  8. JL is an aspiring chef and loves to cook for his friends on weekends.
  9. Their best gig ever was when they were chosen as the front-act band at the Deftones concert.
  10. Except for Ash, they all own pets (cats and dogs). Mona owns a rabbit too.

So far, Philia is taking their time for a new album but the hype continous as the group plays in various bars. Follow them on their social media accounts for future updates.

Gigsmanila will also follow their journey and will give updates from time to time for the happiness of Philia fans.


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Written by Joy Picar

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