10 Things You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez

Selenators in the Philippines rejoice!

Global sensation Selena Gomez will be performing here on July 31 for the Asian leg of her Revival Tour. While the show is sure to be a feast for the eyes of all of her die-hard fans, for those that are just discovering the multi-talented star here are some things about the former Disney star that will surely make you love her even more

1. Body Art

The pop star has seven tattoos and plans to add more in the future. She treasures all of them and represented her state of mind at the time she got them.  One of her tattoos, an Arabic inscription that translates to “love yourself first“ has garnered so much attention from her fans that they too had the same thing engraved on their skins. Selena also announced that she will be including temporary replica of her tattoos as part of the show merchandise. That’s another way to experience her show.


2. The heart wants to be real

The singer revealed that opening monologue for her music video “The Heart Wants What It Wants” was real. Probably all too real. She further elaborated that the speech was sort of a part of a conversation. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest two years ago she said that after ending her relationship with Justin Bieber, she was in a place in her head where she just wanted to talk to herself and ask all the questions that she had. And that’s what she did in the video.

3 Realest queen of Instagram

Having the most followers and the most liked picture on Instagram has made Selena one of the biggest social media influencer in pop music history. Surprisingly, she doesn’t have an army that curates the content of her posts. Even more surprising? She reads comments from fans. In a recent interview with a magazine, she said that she tries to read all of the comments because her fans are invested to know what is going on with her life and so she feels it just right to return that love.


4. Date her never

Selena is not a fan of the whole dating process. In a magazine interview last year, she revealed that the entire thing creeps her out. She even recalls an experience when she out with a date with a guy who Googled all about her before meeting her. And that’s one experience she doesn’t want to do again.

5. Friends fan

Selena Gomez loves the show Friends. During her interview with Teen Vogue this year, she said that the show gives her a feeling of being home even if she’s thousands of miles away on tour. She further stated that whenever she feels homesick all she does is put on the show, even just as background noise and it just makes her feel safe. Now there’s something that Selena and a majority of us have in common.

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Author: Miguel Antonio Laruesta

Freelance writer who listens to hipster music non-stop