10 Things You Didn’t Know About Urbandub

Who would have thought that after releasing “Soul Searching” and “First of Summer,”  Urbandub will remain  as one of the most successful indie bands in the history of Philippine music?  This Cebu-formed rock indie band composed of Gabbie (vocals, guitar, John (guitar, vocals), Lalay (bass, vocals) and JanJan (drums) is the first independent band that made it big by releasing major label backed album nationwide.  The indie scene has never been alive ever since;  giving hope to more and more independent acts who followed their path of making it big in mainstream.

Today, even on hiatus, fans can not get enough of Urbandub. They even got the chance to share their music to fans across Southeast Asia with a visit to Singapore a couple of years back.

Since we can’t stop thinking about Urbandub, here are 10 facts about the group while we wait for their most anticipated return in doing more gigs and albums:

  1. Janjan is a grease monkey (fixes cars and engines)
  2. When cellphones were booming in the early 2000’s John Dinopol lost nine phones in two years!
  3. Gabby Alipe never owned an electric guitar during the first years of Urbandub. It was only after recording the album Embrace was finished that he finally bought one.
  4. Lalay once had a job crafting native jewelries.  She did this even when Urbandub was just starting.
  5. Janjan used to be part of the 90s band Glitch.
  6. Gabby  used to work as a Production Assistant for an event outfit in Cebu. He fetched water and did errands for local celebs. But look how the tides turn, right?
  7. John worked for a jewelry company.  On his first day he was not sure what he was doing there.
  8. Lalay used to play bass for a not-so-typical show band called “Serendipity”.We presume this is where she got her uniqueness.
  9. Gab is a Jujitsu instructor. How cool is that? Huh!
  10. Lalay is a gadget geek. From phones to game console, name it, Lalay surely knows the bits and crumbs.

To date, Gab and John continue to play with gigs once in awhile and still billed as Urbandub.  Although John has ventured into a new band called “Cables and Space” and can be regularly seen in some bars, fans can still hope for an Urbandub reunion and eventually a return.  We keep our fingers crossed.


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