Playlisted: 12 Songs about Pinoy Pride

Reklamo (The Jerks) – One of the legends of the Philippine underground scene, The Jerks cemented their place in the Philippine rock scene with songs like Rage, Sayaw sa bubog, Kundiman to name a few of their hits. Reklamo is about Pinoys ideology of Colonial Mentality. The wrong idea of Filipinos that living in the Philippines is like a death penalty and abandoning the homeland is the only option. “Reklamo ng reklamo. Gusting maging Americano. Ang tatay mong kalbo.” Period.

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Written by Bjorn Ramos

Writing and Blogging since 2010 about sports, music and social issues. A staunch advocate of anti-music piracy and a big fan of old pinoy rock and roll.

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