5 Aca-awesome Moments from PTX World Tour Manila

September 24 was the day when mouthfuls of talent ruled the stage of Smart Araneta Coliseum as acapella group Pentatonix held their second concert in the country.

After their 2015 Manila and Cebu concerts, it didn’t take long before these madly talented quintet made a return. This time they did not only showcase their cover versions and mash-ups but their original songs as well from their latest album; their third full-length album but the first all-original one.

Now for those who sadly weren’t able to witness the glorious show of vocals and sounds by PTX, we listed down 5 highlights from the show. Trust me though, every bit felt like a highlight so this was tough to decide.

  1. A Michael Jackson tribute. – PTX early on in the show already caused an uproar singing song after song after song of the King of Pop in what would be a 5-minute moment for the books. This was quickly followed by a Justin Bieber medley, much to the delight of the crowd.
  1. Celloboxing. – As if his beatboxing prowess isn’t crazed enough, Kevin Olusola showed off his cello skills playing one of the most recognizable pieces: Sebastian Bach’s Prelude to Suite No. 1. And he was still beatboxing whilst being a rad cellist. Now that is not a combo you see everyday.
  1. PTX sings with chosen audience members. – They’ve done this too last time they were here but what made it endearing this time around was that they chose 5 young girls, some who were even celebrating their birthdays that night. The kids were frantic in a very adorable way. They sang along and boy, did they know their lyrics at heart. Such a sweet moment in the show.
  1. PTX with Pentaholics. – the group did not let their gratitude to their supporters go unsaid. Whilst singing “New Year’s Day”, photos of Pentaholics (as their fans are called) were shown on the screen behind the group, as well as clips of them singing the same song. It was truly a touching show of how PTX is very connected to their fans.
  1. “Light In The Hallway” performance. – for this song, the group asked the audience to be as quiet as possible. For this time around, no individual microphones were used. There was only a single microphone and PTX formed half a circle around it, and such was how the song was performed. It was so eerily beautiful, breathtaking even.

Now, was that bad for your FOMO?


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