5 Covers of Adele’s “Hello” You’ll Say Hello To Over and Over Again

There’s only so much “Hello” by Adele that a person can take. It’s such a heartbreaking song that listening to it multiple times may leave one broken and damaged even if they’re not going through an emotional breakup of some sort.

Luckily there are different covers of Adele’s comeback single which has the same effect. But since it’s delivered by different people, the song has become more than a just song about a person reminiscing about how a relationship ended.

Here are five of the best covers of Adele’s Hello which will make you say hello to over and over again.

1. The School girl from South Korea

This South Korean school girl has remained on the down low. But with her loving, low-key cover which she performed in a classroom with only a piano accompanying her and the typical school background noise, the song was given a more realistic feel.

2. Leroy Sanchez

This is probably one of the most watched “Hello” covers. Sanchez who also did an amazing cover of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” proved that no note is too high for this Youtube cover star. His amazing vocal range and natural vibrato gave the song new layers of emotion.

3. Hello in Sign Language

One of the most unique interpretation on “Hello” is by American Sign Language interpreter Molly Lou Bartholomew. She has a YouTube channel which features American Sign Language versions of hit songs like John Legend’s “All of Me” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Her cover gives those with hearing problems a chance to enjoy and savor the song.

4. Emotive RnB cover

A lot of male artists did their own cover of Adele’s song but William Singe puts a different spin to it. Highlighted by a great music production by mixing drumbeats, Singe added a layer of depth that gave his version an RnB edge without taking away the song’s emotion.

5. Hello Funny Lady

For those who have visited Miranda’s YouTube channel, they know what to expect from this funny lady. Who else would take on this heart-wrenching song and turn it into something that will have people laughing in tears.


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Author: Miguel Antonio Laruesta

Freelance writer who listens to hipster music non-stop