5 Seconds of Summer: Sounds Live Feels Live Manila

“I wish that I could wake up with amnesia.”

Such is what hordes of fans suffering from PCD are likely singing at this time. And it could also be the tune of regret of the woe-filled #TeamBahay reeling from the fact that over the weekend, Manila had an Aussie invasion one doesn’t see more often.

Last March 12, 4-piece Aussie pop punk/pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer held their first Philippine concert to a sold-out crowd in Mall of Asia arena. The audience was comprised of mostly teenage girls whose shrieks and jumps could be heard and felt all over the ginormous arena.

To warm things up, one of our own, fine lady DJ Katsy Lee played a slew of pop songs from Bieber to Ariana to Fifth Harmony and Katy Perry – all in her hypermix of EDM. And boy did she get that audience dancing and singing along. But the arena roared when the boys finally came out after Katsy’s energetic set.

5SOS opened the show with ‘Carry On’, from their latest album Sounds Live Feels Live. It is during this song wherein the audience witnessed a rare piano performance from Michael Clifford, making the song all the more melodramatic. But not wanting to keep the audience in a somber mood, they quickly picked up the pace and played their more upbeat tunes in succession. When they decided to slow things down again, the audience had theiw own show for the guys. As Amnesia was being played, phones were held up to light up the arena. But not just your usual phone light, a specific image was used as a background to illuminate yellow for gen ad, blue for upper box and red for lower box.


Meanwhile, the vip section held signs saying “we thought you’d never come”. This was a feat achieved due to the hardwork and planning of 5SOSPH. The guys must’ve really enjoyed the zeal of the audience for sometime into the show, they outrightly composed a song. Well, it pretty much just went like ‘Vanilla in Manila’ repetitively. But what member of the audience would not chant along when it was too endearing an effort from the boys. The boys played 17 of their songs to the delight of the crowd. Or so we thought. For their encore set, they played 2 more songs: ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and the hit song which earned them attention from listeners all over the world – ‘She Looks So Perfect.’

It was one heck of a youthful rockin’ night. And the boys promised to come back here often.


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