9 Songs For Your Summer Soundtrack

Music is a part of the Filipino soul as much as the sun is part of the summer. Whether you’re planning a beach getaway, nature trips, camping, going on the road, or even just staying at home, summer activities will not be complete without music.

With that, Gigs Manila lists down some of the best music you can take with you during your summer excursion or your summer staycation at home. These are songs that you can listen to while enjoying the sands and waves, the cool clarity of nature, or to ease the boredom of long road trip and friends, or family summer bonding at home.


  1. Summertime of Our Lives – A1

Teens of the 90’s will remember this as probably one of the perfect summer songs. The upbeat song from the British boyband + a fun-filled summer adventure = perfect.


  1. Trip Mo – 6cyclemind

A road trip without music is just plain boring and dry. Going on the road are best experienced with upbeat songs like this 6cyclemind hit. Pump up the volume and sing along to this song with your friends as you go on a journey that’s meant to be unforgettable.


  1. Trip Mo Ba – Freshman

This Freshman song is another song made for barkada road trip summer escapes. While this is not upbeat like 6cyclemind’s “Trip Mo,” the song just begs for you to sing along to it with your barkada and revisit memories with your friends as you embark together on a new journey.


  1. Tambay – Spongecola

Summer break doesn’t mean you have to go to the beach. There are some folks who choose to stay put and hang out with their barkada without having to worry about homework or an exam. Spongecola’s song is a perfect fit for those “tambay” summer days with your friends. Imagine your barkada sitting along the roadside in front of your home, with someone playing the guitar. This summer jam is a great pick for your summer bonding soundtrack.


  1. One Day – Matisyahu

It is in nature trips and camping activities that people tend to become advocates of world change. Nature has its own way of making people realize how great it is to have a peaceful and clean society. And this Matisyahu hit can be the best accompaniment during your drinking session around a camp fire where you can discuss opinions and frustrations about the society.


  1. Surfin USA – The Beach Boys

Probably one of the most popular songs about summer, this 1960s tune from The Beach Boys didn’t lose its touch when it comes to summer music as it transcended generation after every generation. Just listening to it can make you feel like being on top of the surfboard riding the big waves in the sea with no other care in the world.


  1. California Gurls – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog

Summer has always been associated with girls in bikinis may it be on the beach or swimming parties at home. This Katy Perry smash is undoubtedly perfect for those steamy bikini parties. Wet wild summer parties combined with this insistent pop dance beat is a perfect way to indulge in the summer heat and summer bodies.


  1. Jammin – Bob Marley

Beach night parties will not be complete without listening to reggae songs, and this Bob Marley song fits those beach nocturnal gatherings. Listen to this while sipping your drinks, enjoying the sand and the sea as the cool summer nighttime breeze wafts to the shore.


  1. Cold Summer Nights – Francis M.

The soundtrack for a senti summer, this Francis M classic will make you feel nostalgic as you reminisce moments close to your heart. Even the beach-ready season have moments when you want to spend time alone.

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