Acapellago wins 2nd place at the Vocal Asia Festival in Taiwan

After winning the International Acapella Championship in Singapore last year, viral vocal group Acapellago once again represents the Philippines and bagged second place in the 2016 Asian Acappella Cup at the Vocal Asia Festival in Taitung, Taiwan.

Vocal group Gili from Taiwan took home the first place while Doowop from Korea and The Groovies from Japan snatched the third place.

Fresh from their Philpop 2016 stint where they interpreted the song “Stars are Aligned” by JC Jose, the group consists of Michelle (soprano), Happy (bass), Almond (countertenor), Josh (tenor) and Bogart (beatbox) flew to Taiwan for their second international music competition.

According to their website, Vocal Asia is a Platform for Asia’s Contemporary A Cappella Music In 2010, Vocal Asia was established with the mission to unite the Asian a cappella musicians and fans together, and share the beautiful harmony of Asian a cappella music to the world. Our goal is to serve the a cappella audience by connecting the a cappella organizations to create a musical world without borders.

Acapellago is the first winner of the Akapela Open by One Meralco Foundation and PLDT Smart Foundation in 2013 and won again in 2015.

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