Air Supply’s Most Used and Abused Songs in Videoke

It has been a long day, and you want nothing but to crash into your bed, forget about the day and just sleep. You deserve it, right? So, you turn off the lights and get ready to sleep. Just about your head hits the pillow you’ve been longing for, your neighbor starts his videoke and blasts the top hits of Air Supply. As much as you want to kill said annoying neighbor, something inside you just wakes up and starts singing along with the string of Air Supply songs.

Videoke machines are a big part of our lives as Filipinos. You’d be hard pressed to find a videoke with not a single Air Supply tune. I would bet it’s impossible even. To commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary, we have listed six of their most used and abused hits that have been massacred one time or another in a videoke session.

Without You

Air Supply released this in 1981 and became the second artist to cover this Badfinger 1970s rock ballad. Sure, Mariah Carey’s 1994 version is also popular but Air Supply’s rendition is most probably the one playing from the videoke machine.

Having You Near Me

This song appeared on Air Supply’s 1980 album “Lost in Love.” This song is usually keyed into the videoke machine to stretch those vocal cords in preparation for a more difficult song from the Australian duo. If you aren’t an 80s kid, you most probably know the song from one too many videoke sessions.

Now and Forever

Released in 1982 from the album “Even the Nights Are Better” is a song that showcased Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock’s vocal blending. In a semi-drunk state, people have attempted to recreate this harmonizing. Let’s just say they were singing under the influence.

Making Love

One of my favorites, this song takes me back to when I was about 6 or 7 years old. We were inside a makeshift circus tent made out of an old parachute, and the performer was at everyone’s eye level. This Air Supply hit song was played in a loop as the magician was cutting the female assistant in half while inside a box the size of a huge fridge. The kicker was that it took him forever to finish the trick using a carpenter’s hand saw. Just imagine how many times I’ve had to listen to the song as a kid. And if that weren’t enough, someone somewhere just has to massacre the song in videoke.

All Out Of Love

This song placed 92nd in VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Love Songs in 2003. If Air Supply was paid a centavo for each time this song was sung in videoke sessions, they would undoubtedly make it in the billionaires list.

Here I Am

This is the song that goes “Here I am, just when I thought I was over you” and not the “Here I am, the one that you love” (the proper title of which is “The One That You Love”). It seems even Air Supply got confused and made another song out of the first one. This track was released in 1981 was ranked number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981 and remained in the top 40 for 15 weeks. WOW! And to top it all of, this song has probably been sung out of tune in each of the countries’ more than 7,000 islands.

As much as people hate listening to other people committing musical murder with Air Supply hits, their alcohol-induced concert is just proof that Air Supply has become ingrained into popular culture. What other Air Supply songs do you think should make it on this list?

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