Aisaku Yokogawa combines Nihonggo Music and OPM with his latest single “IMADEMO AISHITERU”

With the release of his debut album featuring Ted Ito original “Ikaw Pa Rin” (Saigo No Iwake), pure Japanese singer Aisaku Yokogawa decided to bring Japan more closer to Filipino listeners through his latest single “Imademo Aishiteru.”

“Imedemo Aishiteru” combines the best of Nihonggo music and OPM. The move is inspired and motivated by the resurgence of KPOP in the local music scene, thus he thought of injecting “Japanese feel” in his new compositions.

According to Aisaku, “Since Filipinos are extremely eager to learn Nihonggo, why not teach them in the most effective way possible … through music. Besides, it’s in teaching them in the form that I’m most comfortable with and something that I know best, that will prove to be rewarding eventually.”

‘‘Imademo Aishiteru” is composed and written by Rob Evangelista. It is part of Aisaku’s debut album ‘Ikaw Pa Rin’, released under i&i records and distributed by Universal Records. It is currently available on iTunes, OPM2GO, and in all record bars nationwide.

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