Album Review: “BAES” – Zelijah

Zelijah is one of the Metro’s young DJ/Hypeman who happens to produce his own music as well. He was a finalist at Battle of the Beats 2015.

Recently Zelijah has just dropped his latest, multi-genre album “BAES” featuring collaborations with Paula Alcasid, MC Dough Boy, Borhuh, DJ and A and Ernest Tenorio to bring forth a piece all his own.

Well, in case you need a nudge before taking a listen to his album BAES (Bass And Everything Sweet), read on for a bit of album review:

YOU AND ME sounds like a track you can play whilst taking a leisurely walk in the beach; a quick city escape listening to that sweet lass’ voice, some wind instruments and the waves of the sea on the background.

SPECTRUM which happens to be the anthem behind a festival of the same name emanates energetic beats which can get the crowd hyped, whether it be played as an opening or a closing track, setting a dance-hiphop mood on.

RATHALOS (ft. MC Dough Boy) has this hiphop-rock-dance flavor to it with a slightly 2000s vibe. Old-school done modern, one might say.

ON THE COUCH is lyrically catchy (ehm not for kiddos though) makes your head bop the first minute. After which, the bear drops and end up doing a bit of a gangsta dance – if there is such a thing.

BARRIOTH starts out with beats that you don’t quite know where you’ll be taken to. But past the 30-second mark and your head’s just bopping, your body’s swaying just the right tempo and before the 2-minute mark, it takes you jumping and dancing till the track halts.

And that is just 5 of the 10 tracks in the album. Coz it’s better heard than read, really.

Head on to for a listen to the full album.

For more info on Zelijah, visit his official page at


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