Album Review: Demi Lovato’s “Confident”

Well poised and assured, Demi Lovato fires up with her latest album Confident. But here’s the catch, she sometimes sounds that she has too much of it.

Lovato’s fifth studio album still echoes her battle cry: self-empowerment and being in your own skin. The first track “Confident” made sure that Demi’s voice booms louder than the heavy drums and multitude of horns as accompaniment. The message however, will make you question if there is something wrong with being confident, and surely the answer will be just like Lovato’s.

The succeeding tracks has the same musical DNA as the first one. The two songs maintain the upbeat pace of the album with “Cool for Summer”, using  catchy piano loops in the intro. “Old Ways” on the other hand lays out Lovato’s very public early personal problems.

The album then shifts to low gear and on a slow tempo. The cohesiveness yet too familiar ballad take, gave the album its romantic perspective. A stark difference from the earlier tracks.Listeners might be surprised with the 180 degree change.

Given the album’s hit and miss tracks, consider Lovato’s voice the best instrument in the album giving the needed power in some of the snoozier songs. This is a big help in the album’s transition from fast to slow with an ending track that will tug anyone’s emotions.

Demi may be a vocal beast but she sometimes exerts too much power that we think might strain her voice as she ages. To continue with this style, her asset might be also her undoing.

Overall, Confident delivers , heads up, its message albeit the weird change of pace.


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