Album Review: Mind of Mine – Zayn Malik

A year after leaving one of the best boy bands in the world, Zayn Malik just dropped his solo album Mind of Mine. To say that his solo project is an anti-1D sound is a great understatement.

Just like the others before him (Michael, Robbie, Justin), the former 1D member sure made his musical personality known with his initial offering. But unlike his predecessors, Zayn shaped his album into the R&B sphere with the help of producers known for their talent in this genre like Malay. The famed producer was the golden hand that brought us Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange.

Aside from the first single “Pillowtalk,” one of the standout songs in the album is “Flower.” The love song, which was sung in Urdu is one of the clearest views on where Zayn wants to take his music. This is also the biggest nods to his Islamic heritage. It’s a great way to weave his cultural background without making it seem like his doing it for the sake of doing it.

The second part of the album’s quality sort of limps as the sound and beats of the songs started to sound alike that the listener might get lost as to what they’re listening to.

Zayn Malik said that when he left One Direction, he wanted to have normalcy. If down tempo sexy beats, clean falsettos as declaration of feels and smoky produced tracks, then we’re down for this new normal.

Here’s the complete tracklist of Zaym Malik’s ‘Mind of Mine.’

1. MiNd Of MiNdd (intro)
2. Pillowtalk
3. iT’s YoU
4. BeFoUr
5. sHe
6. dRuNk
8. rEaR vIeW
9. wRoNg ft. Kehlani
10. fOoL fOr YoU
11. BoRdErSz
12. tRuTh
13. lUcOzAdE
14. TiO
15. BLUE


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Author: Miguel Antonio Laruesta

Freelance writer who listens to hipster music non-stop