Album Review: ‘Dating Gawi’ – Rico Blanco

After 2008’s 5-time Platinum selling album, ‘Your Universe’ and 2012’s ‘Galaktik Fiestamatik,’ 2015 saw the release of ‘Dating Gawi.’ The third solo album from musical ingenue Rico Blanco consists of 8 original tracks. What set the album apart from its predecessors is that all tracks are in Filipino. Not a single English song in this one, yet did not diminish any of its appeal to the listeners.

Here’s the track-by-track review-slash-hugot on Rico Blanco’s ‘Dating Gawi.’

  1. Parang Wala Na – ever get that feeling of one day you’re inseparable and the next, you can’t quite figure out when it went all out the window. Such is the sentiment of this song. Yet there is an air of uncertainty or maybe the unwillingness to face the truth. The lively-yet-not-intensely heavy drums on this track is the part that would make you dwell a little less on the feeling of a love loss, or about to be lost. When instruments take you away from the pain, such a nice relief.
  1. Sorry Naman – when you promised to just be friends with someone yet find yourself stalking them on social media. Unknowingly, maybe. How do you apologize for falling? Well, maybe you should start with a dedication of this song to the subject of your obsession (kidding). The track is an upbeat way to apologize, should need be. How could your target choose not to get hit by you, the dauntless bullet?
  1. Walang Basagan – everything was slowed down a notch on this third track. Tempo is less rock, more mellow, yet lyrics still very much blunt. Telling y’all to mind your own business. I can fancy who I want and you can’t rain on my parade coz I believe in tropical paradise. Coz really, to each his own, mind your own beeswax. Love wins. Or something like that.
  1. Videoke Queen – she’s probably your next-door neighbor who has a karaoke session on weekends without any occasion, or that dreamy rockstar you once saw commanded the crowd whilst on stage at 12 Monkeys. Who’s to say who that Videoke Queen is? All we know is she’s someone we are all in awe of, yet would not quite have the gall to come up to for a duet. We clap in silence at a corner, letting a glimpse or a listen suffice. We are all somebody’s fantard, let’s face it. The sheer calm vocals on the track is like whiskey flowing so smoothly. You can get drunk in Mr. Blanco’s voice, that much I can tell you. So cheers!
  1. Wag Mong Aminin – if you don’t sway your head ever so slowly during the drums intro of the song, you probably won’t be able to relate to the song. So go, let’s break up, but don’t tell me it’s over. Yep, such is the premise of the song. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but you chose to gag her coz you just don’t want to face the music – which screams that you’re all done. Like a steak, bro. But just coz you don’t wanna hear it, doesn’t mean it ain’t true. Over, done, let’s move along.
  1. Alaala – this song is my bias. The intro sounded like it could’ve been a major pop tune or an edm track wherein I am waiting for that DROP. But it gave a whole other kind of drop, the kind wherein you’re left saying “damn that hurts”. I like the little rhyming in the middle of the song. Whilst it has a tongue-in-cheek approach to undulating memories of the past, if you look at it from another angle, it has quite a bite. Memories, is that all that’s left of us? Collecting dusts and cobwebs, yet buried too deep to be unearthed. Don’t try to over-analayze or indulge yourself too much into this one, lest you wanna be the modern-day Sisa laughing and bawling all at once.
  1. Umuwi Ka Na – sometimes, you don’t get a second chance. You only get one and when you screw up, you’re left with the battered thoughts and nothing more. That which is hardest to find is one who no longer wants to be found, by you specifically. This would probably be the most pensive track on the album, lyrically and melody-wise. There is a plea, a gentle regret, a somber tune and they are all perfectly enveloped in this piece.
  1. Chess – if you cannot play tug-of-hearts, better just play chess instead. Chess, being my actual preferred board game (or bored game?) is a game of tactics, a battlefield on its own. Yet might quite pale in comparison with the battlefield that is Love. While the song won’t teach you how to win at chess, it does warn you which game to pick. Are you a willing pawn, and can you fight for your Queen or King?

Dating Gawi is released under Universal Records and is still available at record stores nationwide.


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