NEWS UPDATE Confirms the Return of Black Eyed Peas

Apparently, strong rumors of Black Eyed Peas reunion is true. The information has been confirmed by during the MTV Music Evolution 2015 press conference. The multi-Grammy award winning group which was formed in June 1995 will release new music to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

After members of the group found their individual success, now it’s time for them to get back together.

According to him, new materials are now in the process, and expect that it’s gonna come out next year. They just been in the studio working to come up with ideas. Although release date hasn’t been set yet, they are all insanely excited with so much material to do.

“We gotta spot, four rooms in there. Like one room, I’m doing my thing. Will is doing his thing, Taboo doing his thing in the other room and Fergie doing you know. And then we’re all just coming out… and then we form like Voltron.”

In an interview with UK’s Capital FM Breakfast Show, back in January, Will.I.Am also revealed and teased some sort of upcoming release of new music from the Black Eyes Peas.

“We’re going to have new music. We’ll have experiences and a bunch of stuff to get the PEAbodies, and the folks that supported us, that got us to this point, all the support the love, the encouragement and listening to and sharing our music. We’ll make music for them, and just reflect on the initial dream we had in June 1995.”

The new album will serve as the follow-up to their 2010’s “The Beginning,” which consist of chart-topping hits like The Time(Dirty Bit),” Just Can’t Get Enough,” and Don’t Stop the Party.

Black Eyed Peas, composed of singer Fergie, along with rappers, Taboo,, have already sold an estimated 76 million records (35 million albums and 41 million singles), making them one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time, with 15 Grammy nominations and six wins.

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