Bandang Ney releases new album “Napapanahon”

Bandang NEY started the new year with their brand new album entitled “Napapanahon”

Napapanahon is produced by the band for Alpha Records. It contains ten tracks (all of which are original musical compositions) which includes their carrier single “Habag” penned by the band’s leader, 6Cyclemind’s former vocalist Ney Dimaculangan. Local radio stations immediately took notice of Habag not only for its catchy musical arrangement but also for the song’s infectious hook. Habag is likewise reaching into the ears & hearts of millennials, as the song is on a steady climb into the charts of digital channels, including Spotify and Youtube.

One will surely notice that each song is creatively written and arranged, proof that the band did well in taking their time to write & arrange songs, and recording these when they felt that the time was right.

Bandang Ney which is composed of Ney, Louie and former drummer Andrew (Dianga) started playing during the middle of 2012 and occasionally had a session guitar player when playing live gigs.  In November of the same year, they took in Patch for electric guitar duties.  By the last quarter of 2015, Arnee joined the band and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY.

Bandang Ney is drawn together by what they do best.  The band carries a deep passion for their chosen craft.  Bandang NEY is sure to give 101% performance with every melody & harmony of their songs, whether there is 1 or 100,000 watching them perform.

All the band’s members have more than a decade of experience in performing live, in recording, and with creating new songs.

Catch Bandang Ney’s new album “Napapanahon” on different record bars and it can also be downloaded in digital form via Spotify and iTunes.


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