Barbie Almalbis: A Different Face of Pinoy Rock

The 90’s kids will remember Barbie Almalbis as the front woman of the band Hungry Young Poets, whose song “Firewoman” still haunts us to this very day. She then moved to form another band, Barbie’s Cradle, who brought critical and commercial success through their songs “Shiny Red Balloon” and their cover of the OPM classic “Limang Dipang Tao.” After being with these two bands, Barbie went on her solo journey in 2005 and released her album Parade in 2006, to be followed five years later by another album Goodbye My Shadow.

Throughout her musical and artistic journey, Barbie has always stayed with her rock roots — from the emotive and introspective indie rock sound from her Hungry Young Poets days, to her light and airy vocals in the songs “Belinda Bye Bye” and “Money for Food,” to her mature and laidback sound in her solo recordings. She has maintained the grit essential in any rocker even if she sounds like a wood nymph humming in magical woodlands. She still brings the oomph needed in her songs without having to sound like the rest of her female rocker contemporaries in the industry. Even her image has been marked as unique, slightly quirky and artistic, definitely not a run-of-the-mill rock musician.

Barbie Almalbis has shown everyone, especially those who want to take the same musical route, that she took over a decade ago: keep your image of yourself intact but make sure to evolve without losing yourself.