Barbie Almalbis’ set to unveil her “New Heart”

After taking a break in doing albums, Barbie Almalbis is set to launch her new one this August 2014. “My New Heart” is Barbie’s latest offering after enjoying 3 years in numerous gigs, endorsements and being a mother to her kids. The new album contains 9 all-original tracks which she considers as her most special and most adventurous album yet.

The songs included in the album are:

  • Say Goodbye
  • Emmanuel
  • Run For Cover
  • My New Heart
  • On This Train
  • We Are Slaves
  • Secrets
  • Joyful Joyful
  • Ostrich Cowboy

It was produced by Barbie and Maly Andres, and executively produced by Tommy Tanchanco under the 12 Stone Records label. You can also check out her Facebook page at to know more about her upcoming album.