Bea Valera : 12 Stone’s newest EDM artist

The newest darling of Pinoy EDM has come, Bea Valera.

Bea or “BV” as she’s better known is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) recording artist and songwriter born and raised in the Philippines on December 12, 1991. She started doing theatre when she was a kid which eventually paved the way for her Theatre Arts studies in UP Diliman.

In 2011, BV made her mark when she was featured as the lead on a music video by Ron Henley called “Biglang Liko” which currently has over 18 million Youtube views. And that led her to do more music videos for other artists like Chicosci, Save Me Hollywood and many others.

It was in 2012 when BV was first heard in the song “Langit”, a collaboration with the rapper Ron Henley. She also started singing choruses on live shows for her friends in the hiphop industry like Stick Figgas and Loonie while working as a creative executive for an advertising agency.

Because of the several music festivals she attended and through watching foreign EDM artists, BV became inspired to make her own music. She then collaborated with Kidwolf to make her first track “Unbroken”. With the release of the track on Youtube last December 2013, BV and Kidwolf were asked to make the anthem for the Summer Siren Festival 2014. The song entitled “Free” exceeded their expectations as it entered the MYX charts and was regularly played at different radio stations. The success of their song has allowed BV to perform around Metro Manila, Zambales, Pampanga, Subic and Baguio.

Staying true to her electronic pop sound, she is currently working with young EDM producers from all around the Philippines, hoping to take original Filipino EDM to the next level.

With a strong social media presence, BV is known for her playful tweets and her rainbow hair. A true reflection of her music; free spirited, colorful and ready to bring something new to the table, fusing her bright and sweet voice with EDM beats that range from light electro-pop, big room trance and even trap. She is also quite experienced behind the scenes, working as a stylist and production designer from time to time.

Watch Bea Valera – Free Music Video: