Beartooth: Release New Album ‘Aggressive’ Out Now Via Red Bull Records

Beartooth has officially released their new album Aggressive, via Red Bull Records. Fans can purchase the album now through iTunes here: album’s first single and title track premiered on April 25th, watch it

The new album was co-produced by frontman Caleb Shomo and John Feldmann (The Used, Blink-182) and mixed by David Bendeth (Killswitch Engage, Paramore).
“It was a really delicate process,” says Shomo regarding making ‘Aggressive’.“The reason I was able to work with those two is because we’re so close, it’s become a little family. They have a lot of respect for what I do and how I like to do it. They really understood what it means to me mentally to make a BEARTOOTH record. All they want to do is take that process further, push the envelope, get better songs out of me and for the record.”

“This band is who and what I am now,” Shomo says proudly. “I want this band to be the stamp I leave with my name for the rest of my life. And I want this record to prove it. This is my chance to prove, to myself, that BEARTOOTH isn’t a fluke.”

What once belonged solely to Caleb Shomo in his basement has been shared with the world, connecting with an increasingly broad audience. Now BEARTOOTH belongs to the people as much as it did to the person. Aggressive is an inevitable evolution, as BEARTOOTH sinks its bite into the world.
Beartooth is Caleb Shomo, Taylor Lumley, Kamron Bradbury and Oshie Bichar.

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