Brave the Rave: A Few Things To Know To Survive Music Festivals

The past years saw the rise in popularity of outdoor music festivals in the country. From indiefests to raves, the clamor is equally steadfast. But as much fun as they may be, outdoor music festivals are a tad tricky. And as such, allow GigsManila to provide you with a few tips to ensure you’ll have a blast no matter what:

  1. Always take Mother Nature into consideration – Oh she can be a tricky one. So keep your caps and hoodies handy. They can be fashion pieces as well.
  2. Wear simple and appropriate clothes – Tempting as it may be to go all-out flashy, remember that most festivals start at high noon and end at the crack of dawn. You wouldn’t wanna be caught in anything that keeps you from freely moving all over the dusty grounds.
  3. Wear closed shoes – There will be dancing and jumping and inadvertent pushing and shoving involved. You’d like to have 20 toenails that don’t look hammered at night’s end.
  4. Never tug your luggage along – Big bags are a no-no. Not only will it limit your movement, it’ll give you sore shoulders as if cheerleaders just stood on you to form a pyramid. Security is pretty tight on large bags as well. So for those who really need to lug around few stuff, a small-sized slingbag for the ladies and a mid-sized backpack or fannypacks for gents should do.
  5. Bills, bills, bills yo – And by that, I mean your money. While some festivals have started using reloadable RFID to be used when purchasing food, drinks and merch, there are still ones that just accept cash. So your plastics may not help you a whole lot once the thirst starts kicking in after hours of jumping around.
  6. Squad goals to the end – If you went to the fest with your gang, make sure you will all leave together. Nobody gets left behind. Aye soldier?!
  7. Charge it like Pikachu – Your mobile phones, cameras, powerbanks, and all other allowed gadgets. You wouldn’t want your phone dying on you while recording the set of that DJ you’ve waited for years to watch right? Coz that’d be a major SMH moment bruh.
  8. Don’t be a doper – The Prez will gun you down. Kidding aside, come to and leave the fest clean. Isn’t music the best way to feel high?
  9. This is not a booze contest – Nobody said you have to leave being dragged half-conscious from drunkenness just to prove you had fun. Know your alcohol tolerance and stick with it. Drunk isn’t always crunk.
  10. Move yo a$$! – I mean don’t just stand there being all stoic and immobile. If the crowd sways to the left, you sway along. If they swerve to the right, swerve right with them. If they jump, you jump along, lest you wanna be squished when they all come right back down to the ground.
  11. Don’t be a squeamish, no-fun dimwit – Fact is, people will be all sweaty, icky, crazy, messy, drunk and foolish. Go with the flow, don’t rain on anyone’s parade.

It is so easy to dismiss festival-goers as irresponsible, reckless beings. So it’s entirely up to us all to brave the rave, and create a gargantuan musical wave.


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