The Chainsmokers collaborate with Halsey in Closer

The Chainsmokers teams up with Halsey for their new single, “Closer.”

After releasing their Daya-assisted track, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Inside Out,” the duo is looking to continue their drop down of hits through Halsey. The massive fanbase of Halsey will make sure the hit goes through the public while the Chainsmokers’ tracks reputation will give Halsey the break she needs (Hopefully.)

Deaviating from her Alternative sound, It will be interesting to see what Halsey has to offer in the new track. The 21-year-old has recently climbed the ranks of the charts when her debut LP, Badlands, hit two in the Billboard 200 with 97,000 copies. However, singles like “New Americana” and “Colors” failed to find the groove of the modern people.

Will Halsey find her home in the Chainsmokers? Let us know by commenting down below.

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