Cyrus Villanueva makes it to X-Factor Australia Top 7

Fil-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva survived another elimination on X-Factor Australia as he made it to the Top 7.

Despite his performance which didn’t sit quite well with X-Factor Australia judges, Villanueva was still able to get the audience votes to move on to the next round of the competition.

In the Rock Themed Live Show, Cyrus sang Leni Kravitz “It Aint over Til It’s Over” which didn’t impressed judges James Blunt and Guy Sebastian.

Sebastian said it was not a good song choice for a rock themed night. Blunt echoed saying it was more of a soul-funk song and not a rock song.

Meanwhile, his mentor Chris Isaak defended Cyrus’ performance and his choice of song.

“I don’t know what they pass for rock and roll at the disco in Ibiza but that was rock and roll” said Isaak.

Dannie Minogue on the other hand said Cyrus is an important part of the X-Factor Australia. Although it was not a good week for him, she said he has that X-Factor to continue in the competition.

The All-Male Group In Stereo was eliminated this week leaving Natalie Conway, Louise Adams, Mahalia Simpson, Michaela Baranov, Jess & Matt, Big T and Cyrus Villanueva to compete for the next round.


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