Cyrus Villanueva moves to X-Factor Australia 2015 Grand Finals

The Cyrus Virus did it.

Fil-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva made it to the Grand Finals of X-Factor Australia 2015.

In the show’s decider episode Tuesday November 17, Cyrus was revealed to be one of the top 3 grand finalists together with Jess & Matt and Louise Adams.

A fan favorite from the start, Cyrus worked his way in the competition impressing audience and the judges with his all out performances. He was even given the monicker “Cyrus Virus” because of his contagious way of singing.

During the Monday’s live performance, Cyrus got a standing ovation from the judges for his interpretation of  Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight”. All four of them are in unison saying they got sick after being caught by the Cyrus Virus.

WATCH: Here’s Cyrus’ In The Air Tonight performance

Cyrus was also praised for nailing Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t.”

With the announcement of the top 3 grand finalists, Big T left the competition as the latest eliminated contestant.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ entry in the grand finals marked the 2nd year in a row that a Fil-Aussie vies for the title of X-Factor Australia Grand Champion. Last year’s X-Factor Australia winner was another Fil-Aussie Marlisa Punzalan.

Can Cyrus Villanueva pull a back to back win for the Filipino-Australians?


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