Cyrus Villanueva wins X-Factor Australia 2015

Filipino Australian Cyrus Villanueva is the new X-Factor Australia winner.

Cyrus Villanueva who was a fan favorite from the start was voted winner of X-Factor Australia 2015.

In the finals night Tuesday November 24, Cyrus vested two other finalists Louise Adams and Jess & Matt to be declared as this year’s X-Factor Australia Grand Winner.

His win marked a back to back win for Filipino-Australians following Marlisa Punzalan’s win in 2014.

Following Cyrus was Louise Adams in 2nd place and Jess & Matt who placed third in the competition.

WATCH: Here’s Cyrus Villanueva’s Winners Song “Stone.”

Cyrus impressed the judges and the audience during his Monday’s performance even making his mentor Chris Isaak cry. Since the start of the competition Cyrus has already captured the audience. They even associated his contagious performances in a virus thus the birth of the monicker Cyrus Virus.

One of the X-Factor judges, Dannii Minogue who throughout the show kept on saying she’s been caught by the Cyrus Virus, took to Twitter to say her congratulations.

Netizens were also unanimous in upholding the result saying Cyrus truly deserves the win.


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