David DiMuzio decries racism in ABS-CBN’s “I Love OPM”

Popular Youtube star, David DiMuzio slams ABS-CBN’s “I Love OPM” for allegedly being racist.

In a Youtube video, DiMuzio who became famous for covering Tagalog songs, decried the apparent racism in ABS-CBN’s newest reality singing search “I Love OPM.”

He said, the show shouldn’t be called “I Love OPM” but “I Love Tagalog Songs” instead. According to him OPM songs doesn’t have to be Tagalog only but any language or dialect that showcases the Filipino culture and love for music. He added, some of the best OPM songs that he love were in English like Forevermore, So Slow, With A Smile and Let Me Be The One.

DiMuzio also laments the way contestants are being judged. He said it is not fair to base contestant’s talent on their proficiency in Tagalog over their singing prowess. Giving a contestant high score for pronouncing good Tagalog and giving low score for someone who isn’t even though they have great singing voice is unfair and some kind of being racist, he said.

“Personally I don’t feel these shows think about what’s best in the longterm for cultivating the talent and culture of the Philippines and bringing people together. Instead they make more of a point of saying “You’re not one of us” by saying “Oh look, you’re trying to be like us”. Music and talent shouldn’t be about a person’s nationality,” said DiMuzio

WATCH: Here’s David’s statement regarding the racism in “I Love OPM.”

Do you think, I Love OPM really promotes racism? Share us your insights.


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