Delamar leaves The Morning Rush

After 20 years on the radio show, RX DJ Delamar announced Friday, July 22 that she’s leaving the morning show “The Morning Rush” for good.

In today’s episode, Delamar confirmed that she will be leaving the show next week, but re-assured her followers and avid listener that she will still be on-air but in a different show.

Delamar Arias or simply Delle has been with The Morning Rush since the very start of the show co-hosting with her long time partner DJ Chico Garcia. In 2011, the duo was joined by DJ Gino Quillamor which added more wackiness to their fun filled mornings.

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The trio were also instrumental in coming up with 3 volumes of The Morning Rush Top 10 Book. Now that Delle is leaving the show, it’s like an era on morning radio has ended.

Delamar will have her last show on Satuday July 29, 2016, and she will be replaced by Bea Fabregas who will now join Chico and Gino in the new The Morning Rush.


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