Song Review: Di Dapat – Muriel

*Photo by Nico Villegas

It is very rare for a person to have it all, and Muriel Ting seems to be one such rarity. Blessed with a beautiful face and body, singer and composer Muriel is a complete package who can easily enter the world of entertainment.

In “Di Dapat,” a song she wrote herself, Muriel’s natural sultriness fits perfectly with the melody. The simplicity of her delivery makes the listener focus on her sincerity and the feelings put into the song, baring her soul in the process.

Being the composer of the song, she definitely knows the story behind the song; thus, it is very easy for her to put the proper emotions into it. While the lyrics may be simple, they work just fine because of the way the song was written to tell a story. It’s like listening to a girl telling a story about forbidden love — a classic “right love at the wrong time” story.

The song gives voice to frustrations that although they have love for each other they cannot be together because the girl is no longer available.

Simplicity in delivery. A good story. The right emotions. These are the fuel that makes “Di Dapat” an OPM song worthy of attention.

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