Album Review: Diary ng Panget OST

All good movies come with better official soundtracks. This year’s e-book turned movie has added value to the package by including a track of 10 songs. If the movie is not available and all you have is a copy of the e-book on your phablet, go ahead and wear those earphones, turn the volume to an acceptable low as you breeze through pages 34 to 48. These may be the songs playing in the brain of HaveYouSeenThisGirL when she was busy typing her story.

Most of the lyrics in the album were written by Yumi Lacsamana and Thyro Alfaro. They are contemporaries who have garnered respect in today’s hiphop scene. Experts on beats and syllabic repetition, they are Philpop 2013’s grand winners with the song “Dati.”

Shehyee and Ann Mateo, both of whom may be familiar to followers of the hiphop scene, also have tracks included in the album. Actors Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras also contributed vocals on a few tracks. Youtuber Donnalyn Bartolome also joins in. Fans have waited long to hear an original coming from her.

Track 01 – No Erase.

Sung by Nadine Lustre and James Reid, the song features good beats and is the most radio-worthy of the lineup. Syllabic repetition is ever-present in its chorus and No Erase is nothing but a hashtag to the song. The theatric gender duet-battle is what you can enjoy singing, and imagining to be singing, with that special someone you have been thinking of, the whole time you were watching the movie.

Track 02 – Rocketeer.

You just have to include a song already that’s already familiar to most people, a ditty with a beat that people can follow. Arranged by Bojam of Flipmusic, the song will make your mind very relaxed and ready — ready for the wild ride that the next set of songs will bring.