Digmaan by Quest; A song for Battle, for Praise, and for Love

Digmaan, which translates to war or battle, is something that we experience every second, every minute, every hour of every day.

Written and performed by Jose Villanueva III aka Quest, “Digmaan” is not really a very recent track. Earlier searches show videos dating from more than a year ago. No matter which video you watch or listen to, the track remains just as moving.

A movie with the same name is teased to be released. Its trailer is led by Jessy Mendiola. She plays a woman being tortured for an unknown reason. The teaser would end with the music video of “Digmaan.”

The song can be adapted to several meanings and interpretations. To feel the real deal, you must not feel content with a copy of the song in your mp3 player. A visit to a live Quest performance of the song will top any experience that you will ever have had you listened to the song alone.

There is a part in the middle of the second voice where Quest accidentally shouted his lungs out during Digmaan‘s song recording session. Gab Valenciano, the producer, opted not to take it out. That part is now what defines “Digmaan” as a song. Joining Quest as he shouts his lungs out during this part will surely be the greatest experience of the live performance.

Song For Battle

Digmaan” gets your feet moving at a cadence. It prepares you for action.

This song will prepare your mind and heart, whether it is a YOLO moment of the Philippine Army deployed somewhere in Cotabato, or a call to arms when you are about to bungee jump off of a bridge in Europe.

Song For Praise.

The song is also played during gatherings where prayer is involved. The song is a message of what the Lord promises to us whenever we are at war. ‘Yan ang storya mo, Pangako ko, Huwag ka lang mawawalan ng pag-asa, Tandaan ako’y palaging nandiyan.

This song is not about going to church and just doing Bible studies. This song is about someone who is
there to help you when no one else would want to, someone who fought the battle, took it to the cross,
and won the war for you.

Song For Love.

As much as the title of the track is about war, Digmaan’s lyrics do not promote hate as it is about love.

Puso ang sandata, Pag-ibig ang bala. These two lines are just begging to become a tattoo. The meaning can become anybody’s mantra for every minute of existence.

This line is so moving so moving that the song was used by a guy as background music when he fell down to his knees and asked for his lady’s hand in marriage. Hindi kita iiwan. That line was used as a promise to the woman who immediately said yes.

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Written by Pepi De Leon

Blogger, BPO Team Lead. Wrote hundreds of unsent love letters both to the living and the dead. The blogger behind "Hindi pa gawa ang bala na makapapipigil sa pagtibok nito."

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