DK Tijam From The Pen Of A Music Lover

There are artists you like, whose songs you decide to put in a playlist you listen to every day.

And then there are artists whose music speaks to you and becomes a part of your life. DK Tijam is one such artist for me.

I have been listening to his music for more than a third of my life. When he joined Star in a Million in 2003, I was instantly hooked. R&B was only starting to creep into the mainstream back then. His R&B styling to his renditions resonated with me. When he sings another artist’s songs, he more than just covers it, he makes his own version just like what he did with Whitney Houston’s “Run to You.” I told myself: this was an artist I will be following since he and I probably shared the same musical interests.

A few years after, and my friends introduced me to Acoustic Strings, a bar in Timog where I first laid witness to the talented band Soulground. DK was one of the vocalists of the band. And his rendition of Charlie Wilson’s “Without You” is the best rendition my ears have ever heard. And that is saying a lot since my favorite female artist Kyla has a version of the same song.

I’ve been a frequent visitor of the bar ever since just to watch the music come alive. Despite his move to Canada years ago, I have signed up on Soundcloud to follow DK’s music. He has become the most influential male vocalist to my tastes. Maybe it’s because we incidentally share the same tastes in music. Or maybe it’s because he is the kind of artist who relies less on belting high notes, and more on storytelling by squeezing emotions out of the song.

DK Tijam has returned from Canada and will be having his homecoming show on January 27 at the Teatrino, Promenade in Greenhills. He will be joined by friends like one of his favorite female vocalists Kyla, his co-Star in a Million alumni Erik Santos, his former bandmate Froi Canlas, Star for a Night alumna Musica Cristobal, The Voice alumni Timmy Pavino, Elements, and friends from Soundcloud PH.