EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 Manager Blasts MYMP Behavior

Held last August 9, the supposedly happy celebration of Philippine Science High School’s 50th anniversary, dubbed Hyperdrive: Pisay at 50 Concert, is now tainted with controversy.

In a Facebook post, Chris Cahilig, manager of 1:43, JBK, and Neo Domingo, expressed his disappointment over an incident he described as a “sabotage” by acoustic band MYMP.

In an interview with Gigs Manila, Cahilig said that he and his talents are disgusted by the actions of MYMP during their performance at the Hyperdrive event. He said that the acoustic band purposely took the stage to conduct their sound check while 1:43 was still performing, even unplugging the boyband’s microphones causing disruption.

Here is the account of the incident as told by Cahilig:

“On Saturday, August 9, my talents 1:43, Neo Domingo, and JBK were invited to perform in Hyperdrive, the Pisay Gold Concert at the Philippine Science High School in Agham Road. The first performers were my talents: JBK, Neo Domingo, and 1:43, respectively. When JBK went onstage, we noticed that there were only two wireless mics and two wired mics. The wires of the microphones were quite short that’s why we requested the sound system [guys] to change the connection while Neo was performing. When Neo started performing, the wires were being changed and suddenly MYMP started setting up their sound system. They were all over the stage, moving and plugging cables, which is very distracting to Neo who opted to perform [off stage] instead. The situation became worse when 1:43 started performing. MYMP were all over the stage and the backstage. We initially noticed that some of the microphones were not working. My driver, my RM Urie Tesorio (who was in the sound tech and I were panicking ’cause we thought the mics weren’t on, until we realized that MYMP were actually unplugging the mics, thus sabotaging their performance. The second song was so bad because [MYMP] were replacing microphones and were running around the stage. [During] the third and last song of 1:43, MYMP started doing their sound check.

According to him, this is the first time that he and his talents experienced such an act. It really pissed of the boys because it was very distracting, but the boys opted to continue with the performance. He said MYMP should know that it’s basic manners that while someone is onstage, the next performer can discreetly setup but they should never unplug mics or do sound checks.

“If they treat the boys like that because they thought boy bands are less of a performer, unfortunately, in the real world, they are all performers. They better change the name of their band, because they will never ever make their momma feel proud with their attitude. It definitely showed their bad characters,” he added.

Asked if the incident will affect future gigs should they know that MYMP will be a part of the line up, he said, “Nope. We will deal with them but will be extra cautious.

Towards the end of the interview, Cahilig leaves this message, “I just want to say that artists should respect each other, no matter what genre they came from. OPM is a small industry. We don’t need to sabotage each [other].

Gigs Manila is still trying to get the side of MYMP to clarify the incident but as of writing they haven’t replied to the invitation yet. The only statement they issued was a tweet to Twitter user @chezka_manlapaz saying that it’s the organizer’s concern.

Meanwhile, Gigs Manila was able to get the side of the event’s organizer. Here is their official statement.

“We were not aware of such incident happening. Nobody approached us and complained about the incident. However, we would like to apologize to the performers involved and to the fans who were offended. It was probably a miscommunication within our logistics team and no disrespect was intended to any of the performers or the fans who were there. We shall take this as a learning experience for future projects. Thank you.