Fifth Harmony and Becky G With Truth supports anti-smoking campaign with “Left Swipe Dat” Video

Cigars ain’t cool anymore as Fifth Harmony and Becky G left swipe it on their music video campaign on Anti-Smoking through Tinder.

It’s creative and attention-grabbing to use one of the most powerful tools, music, to convey this message to the public (again!).

This time the smokers get left swipe if they be seen with a cigar stick on their hand. It is to show that smoking makes one unattractive and un-cool.

You get double the matches on Tinder if you’re not smoking in your profile pic. On the other hand, you get left swiped when you are found with a stick on your pic.

“Look at you with your shirt off, flexin’ / You’re buff but you puff, hashtag perplexing,” Becky G raps. “Yeah, you work out, you’re in shape, OK / I like the six pack abs, not six packs a day.”
“You gotta, gotta, gotta swipe it left,” the ladies of 5H sing on the chorus. “You gotta, gotta gotta, swipe it left.”

And the catchy song goes, with a whole lot of sense of course.

Watch the video below.