Fil-Canadian Elise Estrada out with U Don’t Need 2 Know

Fil-Canadian singer-songwriterElise Estrada released her latest single U Don’t Need 2 Know last January 14, 2014. The 2007 The Beat Music Awards champion is known for her hit singles released in Canada such as Insatiable, One Last Time and Lipstick.

U Don’t Need 2 Know is easy to listening, playful to the ears and with a hint of fun. The music of the Motown era can be heard in the track. It’s like listening to a Jackson 5-influenced solo artist, just with a double mega-dose of girly spunk and modern pop.

The lyrics talk about the complicated life of a very self-conscious girl. Girls have their secrets to make themselves feel good. They can be embarrassed, but they all laugh and they just keep on being themselves. “Got the lipstick extra luscious / A girl’s gotta have her tricks / Got the curves right, so damn tight / And you don’t need to know how I did tonight / ‘Cause some secrets are just between us girls.” It is very telling of how us boys don’t know how them girls prepare to look their best and have a stunning on us.

U Don’t Need 2 Know is the first single in her upcoming third album “Round 3” under XOXO Entertainment Corp and will be released locally by Viva Records. The said album is produced by Adam Hurstfield, who has also worked with Ne-Yo, rapper Ray-J, and Def Leppard among others.

Elise Estrada will be in Manila this July 2014 to promote her new album Round 3 and will do a series of shows that will be announced at a later date.

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