Gloc-9 brings back dance rap in “Businessman” with Vinci Montaner

In celebration of his 17th year in the music industry, and after seven full length all-original albums, Gloc-9 goes back to some dance rap in his latest song “Businessman” alongside Parokya ni Edgar’s Vinci Montaner.

Vinci who has taken some time-off with his band life was able to be convinced to say yes to the project. “Businessman” is a dance tune that speaks of an uncanny love between a rich girl and a poor boy, and how this difference is bound by nation that allows this disparity.

The rest of the song speaks of the unbelievable breadth of the girl’s wealth, with rooms full of money that isn’t counted and wallets are only for one thousand bills, where cars are a plenty and food is laid out on the dining table like there’s always a party. The girl is does not question how this money is earned, and where it comes from – her father is in a business that earns them billions.

In that world where everything’s served her on a silver platter, this girl wishes for what she has not experienced: to ride public transport and get her hands on some change, to try doing the laundry. The boy is enamored with her, surprised at the everyday things the girl wants to experience, where the things that are new to her is a way of life for him.

“Businessman” featuring Vinci Montaner was launched on MYX last October 17 2014 with music video featuring Winwyn Marquez. “Businessman” is part of Gloc-9’s DVD release “Biyahe ng Pangarap” which will have its premier this November.

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Written by Ron Mia

A music enthusiast who's into pop/ballad/rnb/alternative rock. Supporter of OPM and promoter of #OPMFriday

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