Indie-Rock Band Sunsleeper Drops Sophomore Album ‘While You Can’ via Rude Records

Indie rock band Sunsleeper have released their highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘While You Can’ via Rude Records. Coloured by the warm halo of 90s alt-rock nostalgia, the new album revitalizes Sunsleeper’s wider aims.

By reframing moments from an overwhelming past — such as narratives of anxious fulfilment and frustrating years as creatives — into lessons of mindfulness, the group underlines the importance of staying present while being reminded of what brought them here. ‘While You Can’ was recorded and produced by Brett Romnes (Oso Oso, Hot Mulligan) and mastered by Will Putney (Counterparts, Knocked Loose).

The record chronicles the understanding of being mindful and present in the midst of distractions and compulsions to do the opposite,” explains vocalist Jeffrey Mudgett. “Modern western society often doesn’t give us a chance to pause and appreciate what is happening right in front of us. Sometimes even our muses and expressions can turn into such distractions.

These songs dive into moments that we wrestled with letting go of, and the process of being more engaged in the now and letting go of what was or what could be. Letting things be.

‘While You Can’ includes previous singles Stay HomeBlemishesCurrents and In The Clouds”, where the tracks have gained press support from the like of Ones To Watch, Hot Topic, Loudwire, Atwood Magazine, and other notable outlets. 

The title of the record is pulled from a lyric on the record; ‘Feel what you can while you can,’ ” says Mudgett. “It’s a reminder to be present and enjoy the vastness of existence while you can. Life is fleeting, and if you’re always looking forward or backward, you’ll miss the now.

Sunsleeper was halfway through the touring cycle for their debut album when the pandemic halted live music. For the Salt Lake City indie rockers, that pause allowed them to reframe what their journey as musicians and people inspires them to create and say. After forming in 2016 and briskly realizing their Nathan Hussey-produced debut EP ‘Stay the Same’, the band entered the studio for their debut album, inking a deal with Rude Records.

While the pandemic still rages on in uncertain terms, Sunsleeper found themselves more solidified than ever writing their sophomore LP, with their road-tested lineup collaborating cohesively and with united goals. The band even found time to use the pandemic’s themes to rework Mac Miller’s “Come Back to Earth”, highlighting the track’s balance of self-reflection and hopelessness. Sunsleeper on this recording is vocalist/guitarist Jeffery Mudgett, guitarist Matt Mascarenas, guitarist Cody Capener, bassist Jacob Lara, and drummer Scott Schilling.
‘While You Can’  Tracklisting
1. Porch Light
2. In the Clouds
3. Blemishes
4. Stay Home
5. Anywhere
6. Quitter
7. Feel What You Can
8. Currents
9. Way Out
10. Thief

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