Is URBANDUB disbanding?

April Fool’s Day joke or reality?

This is the question that puzzles many followers of Pinoy Rock band Urbanbub.

In a post on their official Facebook page on Wednesday April 1, 2015, Urbandub announced that on May 9, 2015, the band will have their last performance as a group in line with the celebration of their 15th year anniversary.

Urbandub started their career in 2000 as a small band in Cebu. They are composed of Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol, Lalay Lim and Janjan Mendoza. Since then they have emerged as one of the top pinoy rock bands in the country, having released six studio albums from 2001-2013, with the latest “Esoteric.”

According to Urbandub, they were happy to get to where they are right now but “all great things must come to an end.” They wish to thank all their supporters, the “Dubistas”, for their undying support for their music. They just hope that after they end their journey as a band, their music will continue to live in their hearts.

Here’s the photo posted by Urbandub containing their statement on their alleged disbandment.


Just few hours after posting, the post immediately earned thousands of likes, shares and comments from Urbandub followers. Most comments tends to tag the announcement as an April Fool’s frank since it was done April 1, while others take it as real and felt sad that Urbandub will bid farewell.

So, do you really think, Urbandub is disbanding? Or is it just another April Fool’s Day joke?

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