Jack Daniels’ Indie Fest celebrates comfort in strangeness

38 bands, 3 stages, 10 hours of non-stop live music. That is the way to sum up the event that was the Jack Daniel’s Future Legends IndieFest.


But really, how can you simplify such a gargantuan fest without betraying how epic the idea is. Indie. Underground. Deviant. There is such rawness in it that you feel in your throat, like the burning sensation of Jack taken straight up. Yet there was reprieve for it’s not all heavy-hitting instruments and growls, much like if you mix JD with a good ol’ Coke.


The fest was not lacking, but rather was overflowing with talented artists and bands from all over the country. Some may barely register a blip to a music snob yet each one of these acts have their own brand of sound, a musicality they proudly (some even loudly) played onstage. It was a night of union – between bands, among friends, around strangers who share the same passion for music and life as you do.

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Indie is not intended to be a springboard for mainstream. While one is not intended to rival the other, they are at times being pitted against each other. But the underground is a refuge, from all that is bright and shiny, to the blinding yet shallow.


Indiefest was a celebration of finding “comfort in strangeness.”

It was a night when festival goers had but one mantra: We’re INDIES together.


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