Jason Derulo Electrifies Manila Crowd

Jason Derulo brought whole package of entertainment as a mainstream pop artist on a Friday night at the Mall of Asia Arena. He ran the stage dominantly, delivering high-energetic choreographed routines with his pop smash hits.

Jason Derulo Electrified Manila Crowd (3)

Jason Derulo wasn’t ‘riding solo’ on his one-night concert in Manila. Stefan Gordy aka Redfoo, half of the LMFAO duo also performed as an opening act, enough to drive the stage into a party atmosphere as preparation for more powerful sequences of the main act. Redfoo pumped up the crowd with his hits like “Ridiculous,” “Party Rock,” New Thang,” Juicy Wiggle” and his single “Lights Out”.Jason Derulo Electrified Manila Crowd (1)

Audience cheered out loud when Jason Derulo started to sing his first song, “Trumpets,” alongside with his official DJ, Jae Murphy, who welcomed him on stage.
He gave fans a show with more than expectation. He racked up 16 fan-favorite tracks from his earlier hits to his latest tracks that served up over an hour of unbounded energy and stiff choreography.

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He made all the girls swoon as he serenaded them with his hit “Marry Me.” He also shared the stage with a woman from the audience while singing “It Girl.” The lucky fan received a warm hug from Derulo and asked her to wipe off sweat from his abs, a moment that many girl felt envious.

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He never failed the audience to see him closely performing his routines. He took himself to ‘the other side’ of the arena unnoticeable and began to sing and showcase his dance moves surprisingly. He jumped over the fence and got right in the crowd going back to the main stage.

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Aside from Usher and Justin Timberlake, you can’t hardly think of another male American pop artist performing today that dances as bolder and strongly as he is while singing. He can belt out seriously with a pop ballad like “Secret Love Song.”

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Derulo is more than just a muscled stud, he can definitely dance and can sing romantically. His ability to transition from a topless heartthrob to a serious entertainer with a soulful voice brought him more appeal to his fans.

Jason Derulo Electrified Manila Crowd (8)

To give you more insight from what happened during the concert, here’s the setlist of the show.

  •  Trumpets
  • Wiggle
  • Get Ugly
  • Marry Me
  • Whatcha Say
  • Ridin’ Solo
  • In My Head
  • It Girl
  • Breathing
  • Secret Love Song
  • Don’t Wanna Go Home
  • If It Ain’t Love
  • The Other Side
  • Cheyenne
  • Talk Dirty
  • Want to Want Me

Photos by Magic Liwanag


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