Junior New System moves to Asia’s Got Talent Finals

After wowing the judges with their electrifying and cool performance in Asia’s Got Talent Semifinals Week 2, Philippine Dance Troupe Junior New System moves straight to the AGT Finals after getting the Golden Buzzer.

The Pinoy teen group who danced to the medley of Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Beyonce hits impresses both the audience and the 4 AGT judges that resulted to a standing ovation.

Anggun said the boys were on fire with their number and said she loved their shoes.

Vaness on the otherhand was all praise to the group saying every Filipinos must be very proud of their achievement. He also jest on their heeled shoes saying they they don’t need that because they already good without using it.

And because of that world-class performance, the 4 judges unanimously voted to give the golden buzzer and an automatic ticket to the finals to the Junior New System.

WATCH: Here’s the Golden Buzzer performance of Junior New System in AGT Semifinals Week 2.

Gwen Dorado also moves to the finals

Meanwhile, another Filipino is going to the grand finals, Gwen Dorado. Gwen is the kid who sang Jessie J “Nobody’s Perfect” during AGT’s Semis Week1. Gwen won the fan voting along with Japan’s Triqstar.



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